Once the project/job is completed, please feel free to still count on us for after service, expert advice including maintenance and back up services.

Garden Design

Celtis Landscaping is a professional gardening company that specializes in creating gardens for office spaces. Our experts have years of experience helping to create beautiful gardens for other office spaces. We take pride in our work and can guarantee that your office space will be transformed into an oasis with our help. Call us today to learn more about our services!


Succulents and Aloes used in our projects are all grown in our own nursery. Great care is taken to ensure highest quality.  Other plants are purchased from selected wholesale nurseries to ensure our clients get the best plants at the best prices. 


Owning a home with a garden but it's just not quite as beautiful as you'd like it to be? Whether you need a complete makeover or just some tweaks to make the garden look its best, our landscaping service will design your garden to meet your needs.


Get professional paving done quickly. Celtis Landscaping is the number one paving company in the area. We offer expert paving done, years of experience, and beautiful home or office garden results. Contact us today for a free quote!


A garden is not only something to be appreciated by the eye but also to enjoy the tranquillity of sun rays, bird songs, and running water. And what better way to do it by sitting on a deck chair on your sun deck could there be?

On top of a CCA-treated SA Pine framework, which will last for years to come, we could install either (a)  Composite decking, which is a recycled product available in various finishes with no maintenance issues, (b)  Rhino Wood, which is natural SA Pine treated with wax and which also requires no maintenance and (c) Natural wood of your choice.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a process by which a tree or group of trees are felled, or cut down. Tree felling is typically carried out by an experienced and trained professional with the use of chainsaw, axes and wedges. Celtislandscaping offer a tree-felling service .

Who needs to go hire a contractor to do the hard work when you can have Celtislandscaping team come out, weed & root-prune the area, remove the tree and grind down the stump? We offer a professional, systematic & safe removal of trees, trimming of branches and complete cleanup.