Since I was a little boy I wanted to do gardening, landscaping and landscaping architecture. But being part of a big family, it was not possible to do this from the get-go, time were hard and opportunities were few. I never let go of my dream and always had a little piece of garden where I kept myself busy and tried out ideas. In fact, I still have the first landscaping feature I ever bought, it is a Red bush tree stump that I purchased from my grandfather in 1974 for the then large sum of R10.00. It has gone wherever I moved to for the last 44 years.

After military service I worked at Volkskas and after that at the Development Council of central Transvaal and later I got transferred to Home Affairs.  15 Years ago, I resigned and tried my hand at marketing at factories a year after that I started "Tip Top Garden Services" and from that the landscaping developed. I then sold the garden services and started the landscaping business in earnest and focussed on only that. From this business then grew the decking, bomas, pergolas, wood cottages and irrigation services which are all part of our business today.


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